Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bloggin' bout Bloggin'

I've been blogging on Run, MeriG. Run for 19 months.

First of all, I am enjoying it, so BACK OFF. I find this fun for me and a really positive outlet for one of the most central parts of my life lately. At its core, it's a diary. It's something I will (and do today!) look back on when I need inspiration or perspective. I hope some day I'm old and wrinkly and awesome and that I can look back at this time in my life -- with joy and pride -- and read about it or share with my loved ones. If this ever stops being fun? I won't do it. I simply won't.

And turns out others seem to like it. I know I've "inspired" at least a few friends to sign up for their first 1/2 Marathons or Marathons (y'all better not finish one before me...), and I think that's simply stellar. And I'm sure some people don't like it and then -- you know what? -- DON'T READ IT. That's the beauty of the interweb. No one forces you to click on this, so just put down your iphone or ipad or laptop machine or whatever and walk. away. slowly. No one gets hurt.

But the most random reason I keep writing? That I never intended when I started? The other bloggers I've discovered along the way.

As you can see to your right ====>>>>, I have a list of my favorites and I'd encourage you to check them out if you're interested. They all have very different voices (which I love!) and focus on different aspects of their lives (fitness, food, etc.) in really unique, interesting ways. I read and love them all. And I've made connections with many of them informally through the "social media" like the Facebook and the Twitter. And by that I mean that I quasi-stalk them and try to make them like me. I'll eventually wear them down, resistance is futile.

But WHY are there so many of us????

Well, I think that there are certain topics, in life, that simply invite this type of dialogue. And Running/Fitness is not alone. Fashion. Food. Mommy stuff. Weddings.

And the reason for that is quite simple.

These are events / topics / hobbies that are personal enough to make your own...yet universal enough to share with others. Blogging allows you to send your experiences out to the world, but better yet it allows you to connect with others and expand upon your experiences with theirs.

Run MeriG, Run is not just about running. It's honestly -- if we wanna go deep (and I think we do!) -- about a personal fundamentally changing and growing. Seriously. MeriG did not run. MeriG now runs. A lot. And MeriG's reasons for running have shifted dramatically even since the beginning of this blogging experience. Let's review:

  • Back in May 2011 I accepted my own challenge and decided "meh, half marathons aren't so bad anymore...let's willy nilly do a marathon!" Idiot.
  • In June I thought I was the first person ever to track my workouts, which is funny. In this post, I'm like "I am soooo organized because I write down when I workout!" Um, you should see what some of the other Bloggers and runner friends of mine do. You think I'm crazy because I keep an excel grid with mileage and cross-training days? You don't even know.
  • In July I wrote my first post on cross-training (although I didn't really know I was doing it at the time). It was titled The Devil Wears Lululemon and it made me famous. Kind of. But a lot of people legit read it. 

Up until this time, I was still MeriG, amateur running being hilarious and just trying to figure out how to get the miles in. Not too serious about food, stretching, fueling, attire...just taking it as it comes and feeling my way through it. I always intended, up until this point, that the 2011 NYC Marathon would be a bucket list item. One and done! Back to half marathons and drinking on Friday nights!

hahahaha suckers!!

The next few months were spent recovering both physically and emotionally before I could come back swinging in January 2012 and pledge to run the 2012 Marathon. I had learned! And grown stronger! What could possibly go wrong?

Denise, you created a monster!!!!

I was still focused on the 2012 Bucket List...but with an intention of doing it with a more informed attitude. To be better by being smarter and being more attune with my body.

Training started out for 2012 delightfully. Simply wonderful. New friends, fun group, feeling healthy...
  • August 2012: Aww look at you running halfs like it's no big deal!
  • September 2012: And reviewing clothes like you know something! Adorable. and running your first of two 20 Milers! Good for you!
  • October 2012: I was just running away like a truly crazy person. So blissfully, ignorantly happy. I was going to run the NYC Marathon. My training was all but complete and still felt fantastic! So fantastic that I actually started to panic a little...what would I do after November 4th? What would I fill my time with? How would I stay in shape, yet still feel as structured and positive as I did with these racing goals in front of me? I focused on my raceday checklist...perfecting my race tapering....almost like a real runner would.

...and then Sandy hit. 

...and then...2012 was no more.

And so, without a second thought, I signed up for Miami and, you know what? I don't need to run the New York City Marathon as my first. I can run Miami as my first and then New York later.

And just like that I realized I had transformed. Right before your VERY EYES. Into a full blown marathoner-to-be. Twice maybe. 


Let's see where the future takes us now. In May of 2011 I never, in my wildest dreams, would have thought that I would become the person I am today. The person who knows the lingo and owns enough running gear to stock a JackRabbit. The person who knows exactly what flavor Gus are the "good ones" and who has a subscription to Runners World. The person who gave up heels and cheese ('s just so GOOD!) and Friday night alcohol...and then became somehow OK with it. 

I'm now person who has the confidence to run 18 miles this weekend...on her own. For the first time ever.

With Miami now just 6 short weeks away, I hope you continue to join me on this awkward, amazing adventure, and thanks for the support!


  1. You and your memes make me so proud to be your friend!