Thursday, October 25, 2012

Finally Losing My Mind. And you LIKE IT.

There is a significant chance I have finally lost my mind.

Allow me to explain.

Ever since my long run (now a week and a half ago) and into the first half of my taper I am more and more convinced that there is an inverse relationship between days left to marathon and amount of brain cells I have.

Example 1:
Remember that watch I was all excited about when I blogged about the Perfect running outfit and why you should be impressed by me?  Well, not only now have I had to replace the shorts, but now also my beloved watch has gone bye-bye.

Beloved Purple Garmin FR60

Namely, my watch.

Evidently after completing my longest run and being delirious I simply took off my watch in Central Park. And like, put it on a rock. Or just simply dropped it on the ground. Doesn't really matter, but the point is that I took off my watch for no reason and it never made it home. Fantastic. And they don't really sell the FR60 anymore. So I had to upgrade.
Aside from the unnecessary expenditure and the fact that it DOESN'T COME IN PURPLE (FAIL!), there are actually were some nice upgrades from the FR60 to the 70. The wrist band is weirdly softer and more comfy. It synced up to my footpod way quicker than my old model (coincidence or improvement? I don't know). The buttons on the sides were harder to press, but also ensured there was no unnecessary press-age, if you will.

All in all, a $105 investment purchased on Amazon. Only that "little" an amount because I already had the footpod, which is compatible to both my old and new model.

End of review.

Example 2:
I keep not connecting the words coming out of my mouth to my brain. For example, I might exclaim "Good morning!" to a friend at 6:30pm while standing in the dark waiting for practice to begin. I blame in on the constant teenage-boy like hunger I am experiencing at all times.

Example 3:
I have been talking to my cat. A lot. Like, I think last night we had a full-on conversation about how I do wish he would let me sleep past 6:15 am. Now that I'm not doing morning work-outs (realllly striving for a full 8 hours of sleep and therefore doing my now significantly shorter runs/cross-training in the afternoons when possible),

Net result: Archie has opted to continue waking me at 6:15am.

"I have considered your offer carefully, but upon further review, I will still require breakfast before dawn."

With 10 days to go, this whole "running a marathon thing" has become a battle of skill and wits between my brain...and me. My brain is like this:

But my craziness overpowers my rationale, once moderately intelligent brain and is like this:
Cats and Cake and Running. A direct relationship.

It's okay. People like my crazy. I think they find it endearing. In fact, I decided to steal from one of my new favorite blogs and note for y'all how people are finding me through "the interwebs." Here are the search terms which bring unsuspecting victims to my little online diary of mischief:

Here are some choice keywords that people used this past month:

* Cobra Pose Warrior. Ah yes. I did have a stint with The Yoga. Fully intend to go back to that after these shenanigans are over.

* Sad Cookie Monster: Month after month this brings visitors to me. Not sure why. But sad cookie monster is -- indeed -- a popular search term it turns out. Saris, Face-Punching and Sad Cookie Monster. Find it all Here.

* Barney Stinson. Obvi. Our awesomeness is correlated directly.

* And finally..."work out and be thin and sexy? no"  

Well then.

I guess that just says it all. This is how people are brought to Run, MeriG. Run. With the promise of not getting thinner or sexier. Brilliant.

I guess it's just my charm and wit then. Shall I end with a pun to solidify the non-sexiness of this blog? Sure thing:

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  1. WHY does the taper do this to people?? I am also convinced that I have screwed up my back/leg and said back/leg will prevent me from running the marathon. And that my fitness has gone out the window.
    Oh, and my appetite is gone. GONE. This is not good.
    Not to mention my crazy obsessive checking the weather. Thank goodness this hurricane is THIS Sunday.