Sunday, January 8, 2012

Who ARE You?

Hey there Gang! A Happy New Year to you!

So...2012, huh? A New Year is upon us, full with the promise of New Year's resolutions and the certain havoc the resolutions of others will wreak on your gym for the next two months.

2012 is going to be a big one. I have many dear friends getting married or having babies this year. Job success, new relationships, and fun vacations are all in the works. Ideally the Mayans are incorrect, and the world is not going to end and -- if not -- whatcha gonna do? And for me, RunMeriGRun comes back in full force for 2012.

I've stopped physical therapy and am now working on continuing to strengthen my feet and legs to help prevent future injury and to increase speed. I'm running pretty regularly now, but in a more cautious, careful way. I'm trying to stretch more and listen to my body better so that I don't push myself when it would be better to just stop. Just. Stop.

I'm signed up for two races so far in 2012. The first is the famous NYC Half on March 18th that will take runners on a course around Central Park and then through midtown Manhattan. Running through closed streets in Times Square seems awesome, and I couldn't be more excited. And the second I'm already signed up the big kahuna. The elusive Marathon. November 4, 2012. Eek. Let's cross that bridge when we come to it, shall we?

I have a lot to say about my injury-recovery process and then new ways in which I'm training and adjusting. I also feel like I have some quips of wisdom for newbie runners and for those considering getting into running and fitness. But let's not blow it all on the first post, right? Consider this your teaser for future entires to come. Kind of like in the news when the anchor says, "Are you about to die? More at 11 pm."

Today's entry focuses on the question I, personally, have been wondering for a while know. Who ARE you people that read this thing? From my unscientific research, my fans come from random sources and then come out of the woodworks at interesting occasions, such as Bridal Showers (as I just learned this past weekend.) Some are religious in their readership and get a lil' rowdy when I don't write (you know who you are). Others have to be somewhat forced into reading with nudging and prodding from me along the way. I have always suspected of a third super-secret crew who waits with baited breath for my every post and hangs on my every word but then pretends not to read my blog. And I suspect I am right.

Because I realized something. One need not be unscientific about this thing. Google FIGURES IT OUT FOR YOU. I know exactly who you are. And I am about to reveal to you the interesting -- and potentially disturbing -- readership statistics for runmerigrun in 2011. Let's begin.

My faithful readers, you have clicked on this blog not -- in fact -- dozens of times. Not even hundreds. No, no, you join thousand of fellow clickers (or, as it might be, one dude clicking thousands of times. Either way).

In case you want to catch up on a backlog or re-read some classic favorites, I'll recap my top three posts (in terms of number of readers) for you.

#3: On Saris, Violence to the Facial Area, and Sad Cookies
This was a nice little diddy about - well -- saris, violence to the face, and sad cookies. 103 of you agreed that it was delightful.

#2: 106 of you turned out for Lay Off Me I'm Starving, a comic look at my absurd eating habits and --in a way -- a tribute to the late and great Chris Farley.

#1: Wow. Just wow. It may come of no surprise to you that the WORLD FAMOUS The Devil Wears Lululemon Yoga Pants is numero uno. It may, however, shock the living daylights out of you that 1,671 others agreed. You heard me. One-thousand. Six-hundred. And Seventy. One. Word. Like, honestly? I'm famous. I don't want to toot my own horn, but that's actually a lie. I do want to toot. Because a lot of people like me. Let's keep 'em coming, people! I smell a book deal!

In total, there have been just over 4,000 clicks. Ridiculous. And honestly, if you are just one dude clicking 4,000+ times? I applaud you, sir. :::Slow Clap::::

But where are you? Oh, sure 3,934 clicks came from the United States of America. That's fine and good. But there are some others that are sneaking in just like they're sneaking in over our borders. (J/K, I love immigrants). 123 Canadian clicks have graced the hallowed pages of this blog. 46 clicks from Australia, which I can only assume is a well-read koala. 46 Brits also have clicked, as have 38 from South Korea (Diane, you sneaky bastard...) Other country clicks include Germany, Spain, France, Brazil and Malta.

Wait, what? Malta?

You heard me. Malta. 6 clicks. From Malta.

So whoever you are, my Maltan (Maltan? Is that right?) friend. I wish you a good day and thank you for your continued readership.

Google also gives you info on what platform you have read from (attached is a handy chart Google provides if you are interested in the platform source...which I am sure you are.)
Anyways, if you get nothing out of this blog, I do hope you will take with you one very important fact:

I am very popular. In Malta.

Happy beginning of 2012, and I look forward to sharing my year of randomness with you and at least 46 British people.


P.S. I had to share it...

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