Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Monday Night Insomniac Musings

My friend Denise started a really cool blog today. You should read it.

But that's not the point. The point is that she also sent me a tip (one I had heard before, but never took to heart until it came from this wise friend o' mine.) She wrote me an email that said the following:

"not sure if you've heard about picmonkey.com. It's so awesome...this could take you to a whole other level of awesomeness/awkwardness."

Well....I do love awesomeness....and awkwardness...let's give it a shot!

This is Archie -- in real time -- "helping" me blog:

And this is what happens after I figured out picmonkey:


Onward. But just for the record, it was Denise's fault!!

Last Sunday I went for a run with my college Freshman year Roomie, Jen. I've mentioned the Roomie in past posts because 1) she is an important part of my life and 2) she is an inspirational part of my running life. She lived with me back before MeriG Ran. Yes, back when we were sharing a double room in the East Dormitories of Brandeis University, the most working out I tended to do was a Tae Bo tape.

And by this, of course I mean laying on the floor and watching Billy Blanks do Tae Bo.

Ah, how the times have changed, Billy. But my god, do you punch that air well from your plie squat!

But now things are different because do things. Ugh.

Jen had a BIG b-day on Sunday and is also training for a Marathon (Disney, two weeks before my alleged Miami endeavor), and  she gave me the pleasure of kicking off her day with a 16- mile run.

We started in Brooklyn and ran the bridge:

Our run took us all the way around the tip of Manhattan, up the West Side, over and into the park and all the way to my apartment. It was rainy, and it got cold, but I was in fabulous company which made it simply delightful.

As I reflect uponst this time, I realize something: One of the best parts of this hobby of mine is the balance it provides depending on my needs.

I'll elaborate.

I love to run alone for the thinking and the solidarity...and also with others for the social aspect.

I like having short runs because they are, y'know, short...but also the long ones for the accomplishment.

I like my running days...but value immensely the cross-training and rest ones (like this morning when the alarm clock was simply NOT happening).

In short:

And I mean that. I really do.

My balance has made me a little less cynical about this "fitness" thing. Which admittedly is kind of annoying because cynicism is something at which I excel. But the upside is that hopefully the cynicism I once had can be replaced by the ability to share my experiences with others. To educate or -- perhaps -- to inspire? Or at least to amuse. With the interwebs.

It's especially cool when I can share my experiences with friends -- both new and old. We can catch up when we run and spend some truly quality time: a luxury which becomes all too rare as the days and years tick by.

Jen, I mean this from the bottom of my heart.

Jen and my lives -- in many ways -- could not be more different. She is a married, mother of two, and I won't even be in the same room as a dirty diaper. The litter box alone seems like such a chore. She has the Long Island house to my Upper East Side apartment. She is a Doctor while I am a [powerful] business woman. She is tall and I am wee.

But our common interests, values, and history keep us close. And as I've evolved, she's evolved, and we have supported each other and our individual decisions along the way. Or at the very least she has been incredibly supportive of mine.

We're pretty awesome is the net/net.

And I am fortunate to say that I have many wonderful, amazing friends that I could gush about in the same way. We have our shared history...but with the extra amazing layer that comes with sharing interests, conversation and support as we move through life. Because one day you wake up and say...wow...those "new" college friends? Um...I've had them for over a decade. Guess they're not the new ones anymore. And the even "newer" B-school friends are now going on 4+ years....whoa...

And then you feel old. Whoops. :::Shake it off:::

With the delirium of being past my bedtime setting in, I'll ask you:

Who in your life have you actually grown closer to with time? How do you stay close? And have you sent them a funny meme lately? Because you should.


  1. Oh my. Tears and goosebumps! Thank you for the amazing post! Love you roomer.

  2. Love that view of the Brooklyn Bridge! And jealous of running it! I met some of my best friends through a running club. Now that I've moved across the country, I miss them (and our runs) terribly. I can't wait to move back and meet them for a sweaty 4 miler!

  3. Where do you live now? Have you joined a running group there to meet new people?