Sunday, August 11, 2013

Lifestyles of the Famous

Long time, no see, blog readers! Life -- as it tends to do -- has been crazy and my non-work computer time has been limited. But the training, I'm sure you'll be pleased to know, is pretty smooth going right now! What you've missed in MeriG running the past few weeks is a gradual mileage build-up solidly into the double-digits for long runs. My routine during the week is relatively set, with one "easy" run (still hate that term"), one "quality" run (with hills and/or speed) and a couple of days of strength cross-training.

And I'm writing this to you on my new ipad, which is just super-duper nifty.

Immediately upon receipt of said iPad I downloaded all the apps and started playing all the games. It's problematic and if I seem like a recluse, well, you know why now. I have a cute cat and I have an iPad with Seamless web all ready to go. I may never leave my apartment again.

But I digress.

I have downloaded a couple of completely unnecessary running apps (that stands for "Applications," Mom), that I wanted to share with you. The first is the countdown app "T-Zero." So, sure it's not just for running, but I'm using it to track my upcoming race (November 3rd! NYC Marathon! Save the Date! #Allegedly)

The other is called MilePost and provides a running quote of the day. It has been giving me insteresting quips of wisdom.

But it has also been making me laugh. Like this morning's quote:

All I want to do is drink beer and train like an animal. -Rod Dixon

Love it.

So when I find the time to peel myself away from my new electronic toys, I have otherwise been engaged with being famous. I am basically being chased by the running paparazzi wherever I go.

Don't believe me? Let's look to the evidence.

July 15th. My Team For Kids group send out an invite for a run. Take a peek:

A sweaty high-five with Jazmin last year around this time seemed like the good shot. Notice how my fuel belt cinches my waist just-so and how the sweat glistens as we awkwardly high-five. Clearly this image was so powerful it had to be saved in the archives to be brought out at moments such as this.

Not convinced this construes fame? Fine. About a week later I'm sitting at my desk and a co-worker IMs me, "You are the face of Team for Kids!!"


Turns out this is the image being shared to publicize that spots are still open (which they are, if you're interested...) on the Facebook:

Yep, there we are again. Can't see it enough.

Still no? Well I ran this said Long Training Run -- a 13-miler -- with Roomie Jen. After the race, I received an email from her entitled "YOU'RE FAMOUS!" in which it came to my attention that the New York Runners website had this as one of the dozen or so race pictures they posted on the interwebs.

The moral of the story is that I'm going to have to start charging a talent fee.

And I'm definitely going to have to start getting my game-face on for the Marathon. Rather than thinking about it as 26.2 miles, I'm going to have to start considering it as a 4+ hour photo shoot. It's going to be tough, but I'll have to give my fans something to keep them satisfied. ::::sigh::: Fame is a tricky witch.

If you'll permit me a segue, I have some thoughts now I'd like to share. Cuz I'm the one writin' the blog.

This is my third year.

My fourth time training.

I know I say this a lot, but Time has flown, and continues to fly. And it's a little weird now that this "thing," is something that I've been doing for years.

This familiarity with the process and the relative "smooth sailing" of it all gives me a bit of discomfort, if I'm being honest. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop a bit and for disaster to strike. I know this makes me such a Susie Sunshine, but it's just how I feel and  -- you know -- I'm the one writin' the blog.

And I'm so glad I have this blog at times like these. I'm so glad that I know people do read it, but it's very helpful for me to go back and look at where I was a year ago. Two years ago. It gives me perspective and helps remind me of where I've been.

I ran 16 miles yesterday and it hurt. I don't know why I think these crazy distances will get easier, because they never do. I'm lucky that I was running with my friend Kevin who was supportive and pushed me to keep going when I wanted to stop. It was a gorgeous morning and a gorgeous route, but it's never going to be easy to run 2.5 hours. I'm never going to be that girl.

I'm the girl who sweats and talks about wanting to eat tater tots for a majority of the run. Just ask Kevin.

So it's helpful, when I'm sitting in agony at home after, nursing crazy chafing wounds ( got real...) and icing sore feet, too look back.

Two years ago it was that 16-mile run, done stupidly and stubbornly when I was already in pain, that led to the injury that benched me in 2011. I was incredibly optimistic at the time, but I was also a newbie. And I was paying more attention to schedules and websites and books written by other people than to my own body.

Last year my first 16-miler of the season put me in a place where I felt I was qualified to start offering some advice. And I probably am. But I've also learned since then that there's definitely no right way and no wrong way to do this whole "running" thing. It's very personal and it changes over time. What might be right for me, at one point in time? May not be right for you at that point in time. [Real time point in fact: The shorts I wear last year may chafe me this year. Fact.]

And now -- with a Marathon under my belt -- I'm back at it. With a sense of purpose, but also of normalcy. I'm happier with my training than I've ever been, but also more scared. I want to run New York so badly. I really want this, more than any of those two years past. And it's not for the personal gratification of knowing I can run a Marathon (because you know I #Actually did that!)

I want it because I want it. And I've worked for it. And that's enough for me now.

And if you'll excuse me, I need to get back to answering my fan mail.


  1. You just need to grab a pic with Ethan Hawke along the water. Then your #runningfame will be solidified :)

    1. Correction: He should want to grab a picture with me.

  2. Totally saw your picture and meant to say something - #rockstar

    PS I am running NYCM for Team for Kids because I just couldn't bare to be left out of the fun. Since I am running Hartford 3 weeks before I have to downgrade it to being run for fun but I legit can't wait!