Sunday, August 21, 2011

It's Mailbag Time!

Funds collected to date: $2343.40 (89%)
Amount needed to reach pledge: $276.60
Long run: 16 (!!!) for a total weekly mileage of 35! Yaozers!
Weeks to Go: 11

This morning I awoke before the sun at 5 in the am so that I could complete a 16-mile Long Training Run in Central Park. The run was set up by the New York Road Runners (the same organization that puts on all NY's major roadraces, including the ING Marathon on November 6th. Save the date.) and basically simulates a race in all ways except the fact that it's not timed. So there was water and gatorade and porto-poties and all other amenities that you would expect. It was lovely, except for the whole running 16 miles bit which was a bit....trying.

Basically what I'm trying to say is that this morning, s**t got real.

They say that there are good run days and bad run days. I don't know. I don't think this was "bad" in the sense that I didn't get injured, didn't feel sick regardless of the fact that I consumed three Gu packets (that's like...three too many Gus), and I didn't die. But it sure wasn't "good" either.

Although I'm pretty sure I'm never leaving this couch again (just try to make me move right now and I will end you...from a seated position), I do feel decent because of the training I've done to-date. So while I lay here attempting to hydrate, take in calories, and become a normal functioning human again, I thought I would answer some questions from my loyal readers.
"How did u start running?" - Kelly
Great question, Kelly. Glad you asked, and thanks for keep things casual with the use of the texting "u."

As my high school friends will tell you, I was not exactly the "athletic" type. For perspective, during gym class we were allowed to select activities every two weeks with a selection -- generally -- that went like so: Football, Volleyball, Soccer, Walking.

I walked, quite literally, for all of high school. Once in a while I would rotate in "yoga" which at Plymouth North High School amounted to laying on the ground and sleeping. I was decidedly not a runner.

In college, I can name two concrete things which triggered me wanting to start working out. The first was being inspired by my Sporty Spice roomie, Jen. Living with this smart, healthy, wonderful student athlete made me want to start using the gym and studying. One stuck. The The second reason I started working out is that -- it turns out -- alcohol has a hell of a lot of calories in it. Who knew!?

And why running? Well, we had a crappy gym and often the ellipticals were full. And that is the honest to god truth. I started with a couple of miles run/walked and then gradually moved to a point where a three-mile half-hour work-out was normal. Over the years things got out of hand, and that brings us to present day.

"What will be your longest run before the big day?" - Rob
20! I can't imagine running 20 after my 16 today but -- to be honest -- I wouldn't have been able to picture 16 after a month ago's 12. So, there you have it.

"Can I have your stuff when u die from running 26.2 miles?" - Allison
Thanks for the question, Sis! The answer is, yes, absolutely you may.

I will warn you, however, than upon taking inventory of my worldy possessions, it turns out that you will be left with the following: worn out clothing, old rickety IKEA furniture, and out-of-date electronics. Enjoy.

Well I think that just about wraps up my first mailbag. Feel free to send me questions. Or to donate money to my charity. As always, thanks for reading and keep on keepin' on.

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