Friday, October 14, 2011

No Jinx!

Big news.

I ran this week. Three times. And I feel good. Great, actually. In fact, I feel a-freaking-mazing.

I write this post with bit of trepidation, as I am worried of jinxing my good fortune to be healing well. Like, you don't put the Red Sox on the cover of Sports likewise do not blog about running. Or something like that. But I'm too excited not to share with you, my loyal blog followers (which, I believe, is directly correlated to "friends of mine that are particularly bored at work." I'm good with it.).

So I went for the first run in the hotel gym of the glorious Homewood Suites in Ashburn, VA where I found myself last Sunday for the bris of my new cousin Sydney. While my mom looked on from her elliptical with mixed emotions (a cross between glee and horror), I ran an easy 3 miles on the treadmill. It was a start.

The next day back in New York, I worked from home while I waited for my new kitten [DAMNIT I couldn't even go three full paragraphs without mentioning Archie. Crap. Ah, well, so be it.] During my lunch break, on a sunny day in unseasonably warm high 70s, I went for a five-mile run. Don't tell my Sports Doctor, I told her it was three. Shhh.

It was seriously a phenomenal feeling. Not just because I was running in the mid-day on the Upper East Side (ohhhh so this is what it's like to be married into underrated). Mostly I was happy to just be outside with my own thoughts, doing what I wanted to be doing. I wasn't training for anything. I wasn't recovering from anything. I was just working out. Just running. It was the stuff Nike commercials are made of.

And then my cat came. And he is the coolest.

Hi. I am awesome despite making my owner into an unbearable cat lady.

After another easy treadmill run (because it's so dark now in the mornings before work! Boo! Hiss!) I visited the sports medicine doctor yesterday for my follow-up, and waited for her to tell me that I needed to get back into the boot or use a cane or get braces again or some other form of torture. But instead she said that despite some continued aching and pain, I am healing nicely.

She says I could use more Vitamin D (who knew?) and that I could also benefit from physical therapy on my outer thighs and hips. My hips! Like an old fragile lady! It's weird, but I guess it makes sense as they're all connected. Who knows. This doctor could totally be messing with me and I would blindly accept anything she said as reality. I guess that's one of the benefits to being called "Doctor." You could totally screw with people if you really wanted to. I guess what I'm saying is that due to the way my mind works, it's probably best that MBAs are not able to give medical advice.


I also need to get my gait re-analyzed by a physcical therapist to evaluate if Jack Rabbit actually diagnosed me with the correct running shoes. I mean, I didn't think it was unreasonable until just now that I had let a random woman at a retail outlet determine the equipment for a major sports activity that very few people in the world do that would in turn potentially cause major medical issues. But I guess in retrospect professional analysis on this isn't so unfounded. Hmm.

So that's the game plan. You are now up-to-date.

Weirdly, the doctor also asked me if I was still planning on running the marathon. When I seemed shocked, she told me that a lot of people (lunatics) still run after these things. As tempted as I was, my deferral for 2012 is final. And also I'm not completely out of my mind. I haven't run in 7 weeks! How could I do a Marathon in 3?

I also feel like I'd have missed out on so much of the "process." Aside from being completely irresponsible regarding the proper training and nutrition needed to run a marathon, I like the idea of training with my group and dealing with the daily aches and pains and trials and tribulations that training brings. You have to sacrifice when you train. It's not easy, and it takes a full life shift. Not only would I probably die if I tried to do it now, but I'd also feel like I had cheated myself out of part of that experience. But mostly I would die. I definitely wouldn't finish. And -- as you know -- I'm in it to win it.

So that's where we stand, folks. I'm going to start slow and hopefully do some halves in the spring. Training for the marathon will officially start for me after Memorial Day 2012. Go team.

In the meantime, I'll be at the bar.

Or playing with my cat.

Or...running. :)

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