Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tale as Old as Time

Funds collected to date: $1631.40 (62%)
Amount needed to reach pledge: $988.60
Long run: 12 miles (total weekly mileage = 29)
Weeks to Go: 14

On Saturday, the often-mentioned Sam from Denver was visiting town, so I could do my longest training run to-date with her! Despite her late-night arrival from Mountain Time, we were up bright and early for what turned out to be a really fun (and shady!) 12-mile route. Starting in Brooklyn we crossed the Brooklyn Bridge, ran to the West Side of Manhattan, up the West Side Highway to Riverside Park, and ended with a short jaunt on one of Central Park's bridle paths. Splendid.

After destroying an H&H bagel, we decided to relax a while and ultimately take naps.

Sam: "I'm going to need to sleep a few hours as I only got 5 minutes of sleep before your crazy ass woke me up to run in multiple boroughs. I hate you." [Potential hyperbole alert.]
Me: "Well I actually got 8 hours of sleep last night because it's totally normal to go to bed at 9:30pm on a Friday when you're single and 28. So, I'm just going to continue to spend an unreasonable amount of time on my iPhone or maybe read the -- SNORE."

At this point I passed out for almost three hours. Sam -- appropriately -- awakened me when she required frozen yogurt.

After more relaxing, but outside this time, we came back inside to relax. More. And this is when I discovered the glory that is ABC Family.

Have you watched ABC Family lately? Likely not. And to that, I say this. Wrong. WRONG.

The line-up was astounding. The glorious "Hook" followed by one of the classic films of our time, "Parent Trap" (Lohan version).

Oh, Lindsay. What happened to you?

Following Parent Trap, I went out to be social. But not without setting my DVR for the next movie in the schedule: Disney's Oscar-nominated Beauty and the Beast. I would continue to view this film at 3 am over a slice of pepperoni pizza. And again this very evening as I compose this (rather random?) blog post. Because drunken Beauty and the Beast -- while phenomenal in theory -- lost a wee bit of the magic in translation.

How is any of this relevant (you may be asking yourself?) Not. But I felt it worth a mention that not only did I run 12 miles, but then subsequently watched roughly 8 hours of kids' TV programming. My marathon training -- while it promotes a healthy lifestyle, encourages weight-loss, and impresses faithful blog-readers across a nation -- has also caused me to transition to the lifestyle of a television network's audience target of elementary school children and their parents.

....Perhaps minus the inebriated viewing of animated classics in the middle of the night. I don't know. I don't have kids, so I'll have to figure out if that's normal or not at a later time.

Before signing off, let me just note that we gone viral, baby! Sam shared my popular Devil in Lululemon post that has taken the world [read: at minimum a dozen people] by storm with...wait for it....the Devil herself! She in turn posted a link to my blog on the Bar Method website of Denver, CO and the rest is history! I am famous! Someday when I (undoubtedly) get a coffee-table book deal off of this thing, I promise not to let the mass quantities of cash go too much to my head....

In the meantime, let me just say that I appreciate -- once again -- everyone's support and kind words through this thing. It's encouraging to see improvements in my strength and stamina, and I'm feeling really healthy and good so far [she said as she ices her throbbing knee]. Next week I go into uncharted territory by breaking the half marathon distance barrier and going for the big 14!


  1. Meredith, you are a gem.

  2. Good luck on the 14 miles! That is a huge milestone! Way to go!