Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I Heart Beer...er....Running.

Funds collected to date: $1455.40 (55%)
Amount needed to reach pledge: $1,164.60
Miles Ran This Week: 27 (longest single run = 8 miles)
Weeks to Go: 16

Big things happening this week in the world of MeriG running.

First, I passed the halfway fundraising mark..and then some! Thank you, thank you, thank you to my generous friends and family!

Second, I ran 27 miles last week. That means I ran more than a marathon's distance! Granted, it took seven days, but let's ignore this fact for a moment because I feel good! Had some knee pain: iced it. Was really hungry: Ate a lot. Needed a new sports bra: Purchased. Things are being handled right and left like the pro I am!

Third -- and perhaps most importantly -- I finalized the details for my Marathon Fundraising Extravaganza! Save the date for Wednesday, August 17th at the Overlook Bar (midtown east, NY). $20 buys you entry to the party of the century (go with it) and two drinks of your choice. We're talking beer (any beer, not just cheap, light stuff), wine, or premium liquor. Let's get drinkin' people! 40% of the funds will go directly to Team for Kids towards meeting my fundraising goal!
While we're on the subject of beer, I feel I should mention a fascinating side-effect of my entrance into long-distance running. Whilest I am on the trail, out in the world, doing my thing, I am often overwhelming consumed with one thought:

"My god. I could really use a beer."

I can make myself feel better that perhaps this is a side-ways, somewhat convoluted way my body is letting me know it would like carbs. That's the healthy explanation. Agreed...but let's also agree that there are many, many foods which fall under the definition of "carbs." There are none I crave so deeply as a delicious brew.

All this is fine, except that sometimes I forget my surroundings. For instance, I was running with a nice young lady last week during what turned out to be a "Hill Workout." This hill workout was exactly what it sounded like: Poop. And it would have been awful enough, had it not been humid. And it would have been enough still, but then it opened up and started pouring rain on us. And it would have been enough, but we were a mile away from running back to our bags which were now soaking wet back at our meeting spot. Dayenu.

Back to the story. So during this workout we would sprint uphill and then jooooog slowly downhill. During one of these jogs I turned to the girl next to me and said "My god, I could really use a beer right now."

She looked at me like this:

Beer is deydrating and slows you down in the long-term. She doesn't drink at all during her training period (20+ weeks!)

Sad. No beer for her. Moment of silence for her loss.

The good news is that it turns out 99% of the runners I say this to agree wholeheartedly. Beer is good. And carby. And delicious. And if you're running a marathon it counter-acts beer-belly action. Very little downside happening right now, is what I'm saying.


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