Thursday, October 24, 2013

Time Spent Wisely

What's going on in my running world? Well, we are officially 10 days away from go-time. I'm smack dab in the middle of full-on taper and I am going absolutely out of my mind.

My friend Rachel posted this very insightful article from the Washington Post on my facebook page a few days ago. The thesis is basically that people go absolutely crazy and become horrible human beings while they taper. This is 100% accurate.

But there's another reason that I've been going absolutely out of my mind the last few weeks. In a good way.

Holy cow, the Red Sox are IN THE WORLD SERIES, BABY!

This has, to be certain thrown a major hinge in my marathon plans. But it's so worth it.

Let me detail what you should be doing right now versus what I am doing right now.

Taper Tip #1: Get plenty of sleep.
MeriG's Taper Reality: Wake up early, do all the work, watch all the baseball -- lasting generally from 8pm to midnight -- stay up an extra hour reading twitter recaps and re-reading Divergent and Insurgent in preparation for Allegiant (which came out yesterday).

Get on this. Right now. I am 10% through Allegiant.

Taper Tip #2: Relax. Remain as stress-free as possible.
MeriG's Taper Reality: I work a full time job and have my favorite team in the World Series. So don't tell me to calm down!!!!!!!

Taper Tip #3: Eat healthy. Lots of veggies, proteins and whole grains. Be balanced and good to your body.
MeriG's Taper Reality:

Taper Tip #4: Cut way back on alcoholic beverages. All in moderation. Do not drink in the week leading up to the marathon.
MeriG's Reality: 

Taper Tip #5: Prepare. Make lists. Ensure you are all squared away for food, outfits, transportation and plans for marathon weekend. Do not leave anything until the last minute.
MeriG's Reality: I have never in my life felt more disorganized. Archie is lucky he is even being fed at this point. My apartment is filthy and I'm lucky if I have clean underwear, let alone my race-day outfit all squared away. In all, I am a delight.

Taper Tip #6: Stay off your feet as much as possible.
MeriG's Reality: 
Go Red Sox, Go Red Sox, Go Red Sox

All-in-all, not my best showing. But the good news is that between the World Series, Allegiant, and other distractions, the days are flying by until the big day.

The Red Sox are in the World Series. I've reached level 115 in Candy Crush. The New York City freakin' marathon is 10 days away. Now is not the time for lentils and kale and no alcohol. Now is the time to celebrate and enjoy! 

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm on my way out now to go see Radio Lab (the show I LOVE to listen to when I run) live on stage with my friend Erin. Not sure how you see a radio show live, but I'm interested to find out!

This is the show's poster. Creepy? Amazing? You decide.

This will be followed by the end of Game #2 and then possibly a few hours of sleep before morning. You'll notice running is absolutely nowhere in the mix. And maybe, just maybe, that's the way I need it before the shenanigans begin.

P.S. For some logistics, I'm Bib #35270. Download the free Marathon App (just search NYC Marathon 2013 in the app store) and track me there! For those in NY, don't forget to tell me where you'll be race day. I'll let you know when you can expect to see me and know to keep a look-out!!

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