Friday, October 11, 2013

They're After Me

Wow! What a great response from my last post on the difficulty of getting from 0-3 miles. I meant every word, and I definitely plan on expanding this topic in the future.

But let's get back to me.

We are 23 days from the Marathon.

The ads are popping up all over New York (have you seen any good ones?)

And -- once again -- the route signs are up (have you seen those yet either?)

I had a short-lived moment of panic this week when my sister sent me an email entitled "Are you cursed?" With this fun little article:

You know, I was annoyed and disgusted with the government before. But now? Y'all are MESSING WITH MY MARATHON. STOP IT.

Thanks, Kanye.

Tomorrow morning, bright and early, I will attempt my last of the true long-training runs of this NYC Marathon training season. I've already completed a 20-miler a few weeks back, so this is more of an "icing on the cake" type things to truly ensure I am prepared for the big day.

Roomie Jen and I have mapped out a 22 mile route that looks a little something like this:

Crazy, huh? I'd say so.

It's a weird feeling to know that you've completed 20 mile training runs before. A couple of times. And have run 26.2 miles. But just once.. It's actually kind of demotivating, to tell you the truth.

Before my 20 miler in preparation of the 2012 Marathon that wasn't, I was hyped up. It was going to be the longest I ever ran. Ever. And there was some sort of a sick fascination in it. I wish pushing my body to a limit I wasn't sure it could achieve, but without the pressure of a race. And it was oddly encouraging to know that.

And then when I had to do it a couple of months later, before Miami, I was just basically a mad woman driven by a purpose beyond my control and power.

Now? I'm like...well....I've done we have to....or could I just like...not....and eat muffins...

It should be noted that a my co-worker  Sarah mentioned Dunkin Donut muffins to me earlier, and now I am truly captivated and paralyzed by the sheer happy thoughts of them.

I just want marathon day to be here. The NYC Marathon has been so long in the making. Seriously, you guys. And now I'm not entirely convinced that it's not a government conspiracy that's keeping me from running it.

Dun Dun DUN.

Luckily I have Roomie Jen to yell at me keep me on track and hopefully coax me through 22. Damn. Miles. Gahhhhhhh.

In all, the benefit to my near complete apathy to the situation is that (at least I think) I'm much calmer than in years past. I used to kind of lose my mind every Friday in preparation for Saturday runs. Not healthy. This year? What happens happens. I feel tired? I'll stop. Need more water? Buy it. Need a bathroom? Hope to hell there's one nearby. What will be will be.

Continue to save the date for November 3rd, and I'll continue to keep at it.

There better be a Pumpkin Muffin at the end, is all I'm saying.

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