Monday, April 22, 2013

I Didn't Even Watch Last Night's Mad Men...

I mentioned a couple of entries ago that the famous Betsy has started a funny blog where she sets weekly goals for herself. 

I love the idea of small, attainable goals. It works well in life and -- yes -- for the runnin'.

I bought this journal from a company called Believe I Am after Miami. It's a training journal that's set up for just that: small goals. Thought I'd share some of them with you now and give a little check-in on how I'm doing.

They have a brainstorming page for you to organize your thoughts and then you are supposed to set three main arching goals that span multiple areas of your life (mind, body, and soul). My goals I set back in February were:

1. Live in the present.
2. Be a great friend.
3. Be stronger.

You know. Just little things.

Let's focus for a moment on the "be stronger" (which I literally meant opposed to in the Britney Spears or Kelly Clarkson way).

The journal asks you to set sub-goals for how you are going to reach your over-arching one. My steps to achieve "Be Stronger" were:
  • Change up the routine
  • Run two marathons (bold...)
  • Increase flexibility
  • Build and tone muscles
  • PR in a Half Marathon


So how am I doing so far on these? Mixed results. I have run a marathon already this year [booyah!] and am signed up for New York this November. I am trying to PR for Brooklyn in a few weeks (we'll give it a qualified "maybe" that this will actually happen) by trying to change up the routine.


It's hard enough -- for me -- to fit in friends and fun and me time [read: TV time] and workouts without also trying to "change it up." You're telling me I have to strength train...and get in long runs...and rest days...and stretch...and build in flexibility work...and hills and speed....

WHEN do you propose I do all of this?

It's tough.

There are two things that I have managed to accomplish in the past month in particular, however, that I am quite proud of.

First, after my incredible feat of watching the entire first season of Game of Thrones in one hungover day of glory, I have managed catch up completely. That's right, folks. In just three weeks I managed to watch two full seasons as well as the three episodes that already aired, making me READY to be "LIVE" (i.e. on the stolen HBO Go from my parents) for last night's Season 3, Episode 4.

I don't know if I've ever felt so accomplished. I was like...
[Sourcin' like a boss]

Darn right. Fire cannot kill a dragon, and Meredith cannot stop watching GoT. I also have a new mascot in life. Daenerys Targaryen is baller and I love everything about her.

I think Donna -- in one of last Thursday's Parks & Recs episodes -- said it best:
"Everyone on that show can get it."


Side note: check out this amazingness from the Huffington Post (yes, I just said that phrase) in which a GoT / Parks & Recs crossover is discussed. It's amazing. I'll say no more.

Well, actually I'll just say this:

Now really no more.

To recap and clarify, I've watched 24 hours of Game of Thrones in three weeks. A full day of my life. Doing the math on that, there were 504 hours spanning three weeks. I spent literally 5% of my time OF TOTAL BEING watching Game of Thrones. Want to make it more horrifying? Let's assume a conservative 7 hours of sleep a night and remove that from the potential 504 hours of time. This allowed me only 357 hours of awake time...of which I spent 7% of it watching a singular television show [and don't think for a second I let my other shows go by the wayside. No sir.]

3 weeks of my life in pictorial terms.

Upon reflection I'm now an odd combination of horrified and super proud.  

.....So that's the first thing I've done since I turned 30 years old that I'm really excited about.

My second accomplishment of late is that I have kept my hashtag #OnceAWeekYoga promise for FOUR STRAIGHT WEEKS. Yoga power!!!! I am like the freakin' She-Ra of Yoga right now.

Now, I'll have a lot more to say about Yoga in future entries. I've attended NYSC Yoga....Exhale Yoga...YogaWorks Yoga...Pure Yoga Yoga....and they are all very different. But a few fundamental observations:


FACT. Especially the ones that look all pretty and awesome doing headstands in yoga.

2) I think I have an issue with imperfection. For example, if you try to correct me, I'm all like....
check it. sourcin' all LEGAL.

3) I don't do well when the spirituality / hippy-ness goes into overboard mode. I like to be a lil' zen, but I'm really going to need you to take it down a notch. We're not in an Ashram here, we're at the horrible 76th and 1st NYSC. Come on. Have some perspective.

I feel like I sound really negative, and I don't intend to. I am finding out what I like (and what I don't) and -- I suppose -- this is part of the journey. I've left some classes border-line angry. Don't TELL me to cleanse my Karma. My Karma is JUST FINE. But I've left other classes totally happy and blissful.

To recap: Since I've turned 30, I have spent 7% of my time watching Game of Thrones. And I've also attended a few yoga classes. And this makes me delighted.

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  1. Between the She-ra and Game of Thrones meme's this post gets an A+++ in my book.
    No shame in all the GoT watching. You HAD to catch up. I rewatched just for fun (and apparently in old age remembering plot lines is quite difficult for me after a lapse waiting for the new season).

    1. Wow. Really happy about that rave review! I obviously HAD to catch up. It's just one full day of my life. And honestly, when I am old and grey and reflecting upon my time on this earth...I think being able to say that a full day of it was allocated in this manner will make me happy.

  2. I love Game of Thrones. I did the exact Same Thing with Lost post surgery a few years ago. I think I watched like 3 seasons in 5 days. HA!

    1. It's an odd feeling of accomplishment. Time spent well, I say!

  3. Bahahaha! Love this post! No shame in spending time catching up with TV! Although I'm saving my GoT catch-up until August, which is when my supervisor thinks I can submit my PhD thesis... and yes, he knows I haven't really started writing yet. Is he trying to increase my self-esteem or just delusional? Regardless, if I can finish earlier, then I too could spend 7% of my time watching GoT!

    1. Glad you like it and that you, too, appreciate how I spend my time. I totally think that this should be the true motivation behind you doing your thesis. Beyond career progression or advancing in your field of study...getting to watch GoT should definitely be the main end goal.

  4. Daenerys is my hero. I just want to watch her kick ass every episode (and chapter). Just set everyone on fire. That's my motto.

    I watched all of Rome (both seasons) in one day and all of Battlestar Galactica in like 3 days so I can totally relate to having a series marathon and feeling totally proud of it. Good for you!