Monday, April 1, 2013

Best. Weekend. Ever.

A card from my co-workers. Ah the memories....

So, this past Saturday, MeriG turned the big 3-0. But this weekend -- from beginning to end -- was simply delightful, delicious and divine.

Friday I worked from home. The day turned out to be sunny and warm, and I was able to slip out for a lunch-break run along the East River.

No filter, SON!

I'm so excited that it's finally (finally?) Spring so I can emerge from the treadmill and gym and go out into the sun and the world! While I love watching some Food Network while I run (the more unhealthy the cooking show the better...more butter, Paula??) outside is always better.

My parents arrived in the late afternoon and after some straight chillin' the three of us headed up to Harlem to dine at the one and only Dinosaur Bar-B-Que.

DEVIL Eyes!! (As always)

Will I have the ribs? Or the pulled pork? Or the brisket? Can't decide. Combo meal, please.
[Also entitled: Why I don't write a Healthy Living Blog.]

They had my Dad's favorite beer -- Yueng Ling -- on draft. You can't get the goods in Massachusetts.
Beer > Birthday Girl daughter in photo.

Fiiiiine. Beer is EQUAL to Birthday Girl Daughter.
Thanks Mom and Dad!!!

I went to bed my last night of my 20s with a belly full of pork and a mind full of dreams.

In the morning, my parents and I joined my aunt, uncle and cousins for a really fun (and delicious!) birthday brunch. With my hunger once again satiated by a large meal, I headed off to my day of pampering. Beginning with mani/pedis with some lovely ladies:

Next up, I treated myself to a faaaaabulous Deep Tissue Massage at Exhale. Listen, I don't need to be a fancy girl. A no frills spa to just get a decent massage will do fine. But there is really nothing like going to a nice place with the robe and the lemon water and the candles and the music to make you feel truly pampered. 

The masseuse was fantastic. I told her when I walked in that she may want to focus more on the legs and lower back. She asked if any muscles in particular were tight, and I replied, "Yes. All." When she got to my hamstrings and calves she literally broke the room's silent zen and was like, "Wow. What did you do." It hurt, but she got out some tension and knots that I'm convinced have remained there since Miami.

That evening, my cousin Marge treated me to a Mexican birthday dinner in the East Village at La Palapa. The food was great and the company couldn't be beat. Marge is more of a sister than a cousin to me, and it meant a lot to get to spend those few hours with her. 

After the meal, we walked to a bar a few blocks down called Dream Baby where I had a little "shindig."  Upon arrival, I was greeted with a bottle of Proseco that my friend Andrea had called in from home. 

So cool
An amazing crowd showed up, representing all cross-sections of my life. It was so cool. So so cool. I have a lot of amazing pictures from the night, but here are a couple (more appropriate) ones:
I'm a lady. You're a lady. WE'RE the ladies!

My running girls! I had to include them in Run, MeriG Run!

Betsy and I remain not impressed.

The night ended as all good nights should end. Like this:

Not a Healthy Living Blog

The next day I awoke feeling SO GOOD!  like I needed to order an egg sandwich and Gatorade on Seamless web and have it delivered to me. 

I then proceeded to use my day incredibly wisely. Archie and I snuggled on the couch and watched not one hour, not two hours, but ten hours of Game of Thrones. The entirety of Season One.

I'm not even mad....I'm just impressed.

ENTHRALLED by the plot more could you want from 30? At moments over this weekend, I was truly overwhelmed with just true, unadulterated gratitude for the many amazing people I have in my life. From the Facebooking to the cards to the gifts to the flowers at was nice to feel the love. 

At other times I was overwhelmed by the feeling of true, unadulterated overeating and over-imbibing. Sometimes both. But always happy and grateful.

I'll leave you with this awesome article on other things that are turning 30 this year. You really should read them all to give you some perspective on your age (however young or old that may be). My personal three favorites are:

Sweet Valley High (THAT was literature)

And....of course, Reading Rainbow. The show with the greatest theme song of any show that has, does, and will ever exist.

Here's to the next thirty!


  1. Where's the shout-out to the ACTUAL sister? Dang.

    1. All in good time, m'dear. Patience is a virtue.

  2. Happy Birthday - looks like an amazing weekend!

    I rewatched most of seasons 1 & 2 this past weekend. And it.was.glorious!

    1. Thanks! I am having total withdrawal after my binge on Sunday. I need to do some MAJOR season 2 action this weekend!

  3. You're as old as McNuggets!? that's mindblowing. Loved seeing you! x