Tuesday, November 20, 2012

MeriG's Favorite Things (Volume A)

You know how Oprah always does her Favorite Things List? In which she finds things she hearts and then gives them away to shrieking millions?

It's gonna be the same thing for the things I love right now, focused on the Running and the Eating. And anything semi-awkward. Unlike Oprah, I ain't givin' you nothing. Like Oprah, I do still expect shrieking.

Let's begin.

Favorite Thing #1: The Stick
So, I haven't really dived into this yet with my blog, but I really don't like foam rolling. I know, I know, I know, as a runner I am supposed to be in looooovvvve with the foam rolling. But I'm simply not. At the Marathon Expo that I attended for the New York City Marathon I was lured to The Stick booth and ended up buying one of these neat thingamajigs. (Oh, yeah! Remember when I went to the expo and still didn't know the Marathon was cancelled? fun times....)

It's awesome. You roll out your stiff muscles, but using your own arm power as opposed to laying in awkward positions on the ground.

Example: Rolling out your hamstring (my problem area) with a foam roller:
Oh, yeah, that looks totally comfortable. I'll just use my massive triceps and shoulder muscles like this lady to propel myself.  Sarcasm, mutter, mutter.

Whereas with The Stick you just prop one foot up on a chair and roll away underneath the back of your thigh with a lot of pressure. Easy as pie! (Note: could not find a good image on the interwebs for this. In fact, but searching for "The Stick" I actually came across things that are unsuitable for my delicate and innocent eyes. Fun fact.)

Favorite Thing #2: Chutney's

I've been spending a bit of time in Boston lately and have discovered my new favorite fast food restaurant, Chutney's. It's Chipotle meets my FAVORITE EVER (favorite ever being Indian food). You walk up to the counter and they have all these menu options that are seemingly your run-of-the-mill "white people eating Indian food" staples (Chicken Tikka, Saag Paneer, Curry...etc). But you can choose how you want these things. Do you want it....

                 ...wrapped in a  parantha like a yummy burrito?

                  ....served in a rice bowl with yummy condiments?

                 ....or pressed in a "Naanini" which is awesome if only for the name itself?

Unfortunately, to the best of my knowledge, this delightful establishment exists only in Boston. Now, I know, I know, there are places in NY that have similar offerings. I don't care because I can't think of any off the top of my head slash they aren't near my office. So, I propose someone franchise a location near my place of work in Midtown East Manhattan so that I might enjoy this easily and often. Go forth.

Favorite Thing #3: Divergent

 I don't want to make you feel like a jerk, but if you liked the Hunger Games and haven't read this, the first of the best trilogy ever...you're a jerk.

Just kidding, I don't really think you are a jerk. Just WOEFULLY MISINFORMED ABOUT LIFE!

This book (as well as the second in the trilogy, Insurgent), is awesome because it's basically The Hunger Games meets The Giver (one of my favorite books ever!) Two of the three in the series have been released and movie talks are already in the works.

Basic, basic premise: 16-year old girl lives in dystopian Chicago. Society is divided into five "factions" which each are solely dedicated to one virtue. These are: Candor (honesty), Abnegation (selflessness), Dauntless (bravery), Amity (peacefulness) and Erudite (intelligence). At age 16 they take a test and based on these results (and their own free will) need to choose which faction to go to forever. So, do they stay with what they know and their family? Or do they go to another faction and leave their family and old live permanently. 

Word. It's awesome. Download / buy / check out of the library pronto.

Favorite Thing #4: Long-Sleeved Running Shirts and Jackets with Thumbholes

Thumbholes are the jam because they keep the top of your hands warm and your shirt in place and  -- mostly -- I feel like they look super cute and sporty. Like, you see someone wearing a shirt with thumbholes and you think, "Wow, that person looks like they mean business."

Warning, this cut in the fabric does cost more than no hole. No rationale behind this one other than that they want to weed out the bizness makers from the non-bizness?

Some examples for you to peruse:

She means business in the Lululemon Under Runder shirt

She means business and also looks kind of snotty in a black Mizuno jacket which I own. Nice reflective pockets.

I like to wear gloves -- when cold enough -- over the shirt for ease of on/off. But this jazz hand shows that you can wear under too.

Favorite Thing #5: Homeland

I honestly get borderline upset and angry when I hear that people I know and love don't watch Homeland. It's my favorite show on TV right now (even surpassing...gasp...Mad Men!) and I love, LOVE, LOVE it!!!

Oh, Don Draper. You classy gent...

Homeland, though. I don't even want to get into why. You know why. Everyone tells you why. WHY ARE YOU RESISTING?
Claire Danes, you have outdone yourself once again, Madam.

"Oh, whine whine, I don't have Showtime." Well I do, punk! Come over and watch! Make me feel better about the $16 per month expenditure. Plus the $150 for Time Warner because Showtime is basically the only reason I even have Cable anymore. And no, no I won't wait to rent it when it comes out on DVD because now you're just talking crazy. GOD!  I haven't been able to watch this past Sunday's episode yet and I almost have the shakes. And you expect me to wait MONTHS?! You're out of your freaking mind. Stop having horrible ideas.

Wow, I'm like, literally getting heated because I want you to watch Homeland so badly.

Mandy Patinken! Holla'!
:::deep breathing:::

Okay, I've calmed down. Seriously, just come over. Archie, you, and me will have a party and watch Homeland.

I will cuddle with you and try to chew on your iPhone and stick my nose in your food while you attempt to watch Homeland! Doesn't that sound like fun??

And thus ends MeriG's first installation of Favorite Things.

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