Thursday, November 29, 2012

I Like Images From The Internets

I like to talk about running. A lot. I write about it. I social media about it. The Tweetin' and the Facebookin' and the like. It is "what Meri does" now evidently.

But I want to make something clear.

Running doesn't define me.

Ok, fine, it does a little. But not entirely!

What I mean is, where I might feel uncomfortable publicly talking about my family or my friends or my [disastrous] dating life (although some of that would be suuuuuper good content!), running is something a bit more benign to be public about. It's an area of my life that I have explored only as an adult, and a "hobby" or "passion" or "activity" that takes some research and a lot of time and a lot of effort. It's something that I thought a [perhaps limited] audience of people might care more about than -- say -- my most recent drinking escapades.

No? Well tough luck, I ain't talking about me boozing on the internet!

And so, when I talk to people -- online or offline -- this is of course what we talk about. It's a differentiation for me versus other people as well as a bonding topic for myself and others who share a similar interest. Everyone's gotta have a "thing" and this happens, lately, to be mine.

And they now ask, "So when's the next Marathon? When's Miami?" Miami, good sir, is in 59 days. "And are you excited?" To party in the city where the heat is on? All night on the beach 'till the break of dawn? Of COURSE I am! mean to run a MARATHON.

Well...kind of.

I have now been talking about running a marathon or training for a marathon or recovering from not running a marathon for the better part of two years. It's exhausting. And now I've come to the stark, jarring realization that I could very well be one of THOSE PEOPLE that runs multiple marathons in a year. One in January 2013 and then New York in October 2013 (barring likely thwarting event such as Rare Illness, Mawling by Wild Bear in Manhattan, Alien Invasion or Mayan End of the World Scenario.) And then what do you do after running two marathons in a year? One can only assume you keep running marathons.

So am I excited to run Miami at the end of January? Certainly. It wasn't completely what I expected and no WAY did I think in April 2011 when I signed up for Team for Kids that I would be running this as my first marathon [again, allegedly. I make no promise of actual marathon completion after what I've been through and will continue to caveat this]. I know Miami is a HUGE race, but I still can't completely get past the fact that all my friends and family won't be there to cheer me on.

But I will have some of my amazing Team for Kids training partners, my friend Miriam (of Lit and Lobster fame) is also running, and my friend Betsy (of the BEST TUMBLR EVER fame) is coming to keep me company pre-race, cheer me on, and relax / Will-Smith-it-up afterwards for a mini vaca.

There will be people there.

And I see images on the interweb that do get me jazzed:

So don't get me wrong, this is going to be stupendous!

But I guess now -- as cheesy as this sounds -- the race itself has ceased to be the goal. I never, never, never thought I'd say this, but I think this whole "life-shattering-disappointment-two-years-in-a-row" thing has really changed me for the better. I've grown up! It's like, if you were planning two weddings and then you got left at the alter'd be better for it, right?

No. Definitely not the same thing. Nevermind.

It is what it is. Before, I was training for a marathon. Now....I'm a runner.

I've made friends through running who are truly wonderful women. I've lost some weight and feel better about my body than ever before. Despite what I am doing to myself during this holiday season.

I feel strong, and I feel fast, and -- perhaps most importantly -- I feel more resilient than ever. You wanna throw more s**t at me, life? GO RIGHT AHEAD. I'm a stronger person because of this experience, in mind and body.

So, yes, I am excited for Miami. But I am excited more for this:


And this...


And this.

And mostly this:
There will be kittens in Miami, right?




Ok FIIIIIIINNNEE. You win. Real damn excited for this:


  1. Awww...I love this. And you are one bad-ass, amazing, running lady :)

    (pssss...and thanks for sharing the love!

  2. Thanks, Girl! So glad running has brought us closer :)