Sunday, June 12, 2011

I won!*

*if you don't count the 1593 people that finished before me.

Funds collected to date: $744.40 (28%)
Amount needed to reach pledge: $1,875.60
Miles Ran This Week: 17 (longest single run = 10K race (6.2 miles))
Weeks to Go: 21

Yesterday I -- along with 4,500 other women -- completed a 10K race through Central Park. My finishing time was 56:16 which averages a 9:04 pace! And yes, I am probing for compliments, because that time is FREAKING AMAZING! It's a 10K PR for me by FIVE FULL MINUTES! Ridiculous.

[For those who are not up-to-date with the running "lingo," PR is "Personal Record" and not "Puerto Rico." We are talking about racing here, not vacation planning.]

So why do I run races so much better than everyday runs? Why do people pay money to run these things? After doing this for a couple of years now (sporadically, but still) I have a few "rules of the road" which answer these questions.

1) Running races is a fabulous way to augment a training schedule. It gets you in the mode of getting up in the morning, into your gear and in the zone. It also is a great way to "break up" your training and minimize monotony.

2) People cheering for you makes your run faster and easier. This is why I will harass you to come cheer me on for the marathon. (November 6, 2011. Write that down).

3) When you have paid to run a race, one may be less likely to conduct yourself the night before in a manner which may deem inappropriate for running. Money talks, people!

4) Pacing. It's fun to pick people running around them who are going about at your speed (or desired speed) and striving to stay with them. Okay, maybe it's not "fun," but it a thing.

5) The knowledge your race time will be recorded for all time on the NYRR website personally drives the spirit in me. If I run slowly I will see it and be mad I wasted money running badly.

6) Although you're really only racing against yourself in these things...I like to win regardless. Did I mention I can be competitive?

But you know what is the absolute best, best part of a race? The after-running brunch with friends! Yesterday's 10K was also run by Colgate friends Jen, Sarah and Serena and b-school travel-buddy/past MeriG blog star Ashley!

So, yesterday I not only added to my training schedule and completed a 10K in personal record time...but I also got to spend some quality face-stuffing time with friends. Um, winning. Duh.


  1. Congratulations!
    My friend was running in that too!
    Good job!

  2. BEST DAY EVER :-). I love your blog - keep it up and you are inspiring me to sign up for another one!