Monday, December 29, 2014

In With The New

It's been a while since I posted to announce that I'd be once again running with the Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge and fundraising with a goal of raising $10K for cancer research. I'm pleased to announce that as of this morning, we have raised $3,291 already! How amazing! Thank you to my amazing friends and family who have helped reach this amazing milestone.

I officially kick-off my training schedule on January 1st, with 108 days to go before I hit the course in April! In honor of this milestone, please consider making a donation or passing my blog and message along:

Making my marathon training plan begin on the first day of a new year is fitting. Beginning a training plan -- whether it is for your first 5K or for your 4th marathon -- is a perfect example what it takes to successfully achieve any resolution. Embarking on training requires a goal. It requires you to make changes. And it requires you to plan ahead if you want to reach success.

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Whether it's a Marathon or a Run/Walk 5K, I highly recommend considering adding in a goal like this into your life if you have even the smallest interest. It changed my life, and it could change yours...

So, now that I evidently run marathons all the damn time, my preparation is different from what it once was. Before I spent my time on research, on asking questions and on purchasing gear. Now that I am in a grove and have a closet full of all-weather training paraphernalia, I spend my energy and time focusing on what I'm going to get out of the experience. 

First and foremost, I'll be raising money for the cause I believe in passionately. I want to focus on planning events and "marketing" this cause to maximize my fundraising efforts (whilest hopefully not alienating and annoying those around me!)

In terms of my physical time goal, it would of course be great to PR. My Boston time last year is also my marathon PR of 4:16:53. And that's a great time for me (or for anyone, for that matter!) I don't want to fixate too much, because I find that this can lead to disappointment if for some reason I just have an "off" day. You can train and train and train with diligence and determination. But ultimately marathon day is a bit left to the gods to decide...

So, yes, I will train for a 4:15 or below and see what happens. But my main goal is to make the training experience one as positive as possible. I want to find joy in my runs. I want to be present in the runs I do alone and to enjoy the company of those I'll run and train with over the next 108 days. I want to revel in the challenge of speed training and hills rather than dread every moment. I want to accept and relish in my weekend nights spent in prepping or recovering rather than cursing them. I want to appreciate how well my body responds to lessening alcohol and fried food intake and how much more energy I have when I eat whole-ly and healthily. I will try, try, try not to cry when I can't eat cheese.

Holey. Not Whole-y.

At this point, let me take a moment to stop and acknowledge that this post has taken a turn dangerously close to a bad self-help book and I am aware of it. I want to scoff at myself and say, "Oh girl, stop. Just stop. Do what you do best: Make fun of yourself for heavy sweating and cats." Because I know, it's not like me to be so positive and uplifting. I'm struggling even as I type in this moment. And that's because it's so much easier to focus on the negative and the sarcastic (and frankly so much more fun to write and read about!)

This is more my speed. See more at:

Don't worry, I'm still the sarcastic cat-lady you know and love. I just think I could use some more gratitude to put pep in my step. That gratitude and positivity may lead to more grace and peace. Maybe it will lead to more happiness. Or maybe not. But what's the harm in trying?

It's a fresh new year. All the demons of the past can be put behind to focus on the future. Or, better yet, to focus on the here and the now.

What are your goals for the new year?

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