Saturday, April 19, 2014

Pre-Marathon Festivities: In Photos!

2 days until we run! So many words, so many little time. I thought as a little teaser, I would share my day in photos so you can see what's been going on. 

Bib pick-up was smooth sailing!


Mom and I found Meghan -- who had just completed the BAA 5k -- and we went to the expo together! I bought all of the things.

At the Sam Adams booth:

Samples of special edition 26.2 brew!

Outside on Boylston:

From the other side of the Finish Line. There was a ton if security today because of all the events (5k, invitational mile, expo, etc). 

Mom and I then headed over to the Marriott Copley to check in with Dana-Farber. Here they had a board showing our team fundraising progress (over $5 million!!!) as well as e names of "Pacesetters" who have hit certain goals.

Here's my name with the $8k pacesetters!

At the Old South Church they were giving out scarves made from all over the country. They were intended to show strength, comfort and support to runners. Mine was made by a child: Lorna from Spokane. Thanks Lorna!!!!

Mom and I met up with my friend Lauren and had a lovely lunch. Deep dish Pizzaria Unos (hold the cheese please) without any guilt? Yes, ma'am!

The day was stunning. Here's a view on Newbury Street.

Cherry blossoms in full bloom:

Once home I started unpacking all my goodies - 2 huge bags from the expo and Dana-Farber! They were filled with the official race shirt, shirts (yes, multiple) I bought, souvenirs, posters to decorate, cowbells and poms-poms for race cheering, and more! Here was one of my favorite items:

I modeled one of my shirts with an official Boston Marathon mug. Because obviously I needed a mug. Duh.

And then Mom decided we should be taking more selfies. Because, again, obviously. Duh.

Just as I was about to lay down and get off of my feet...the best part of my day came through on my phone,

$11,000!!!! Oh my god!!! 

And now, let's cue Les Miserables: One Day More!


  1. I think my dad and i were in the area at the same time- although not for such an awesome reason. I'll be thinking of you Monday!

    1. Sorry for the late reply...thank you Kate!!!!!