Monday, July 1, 2013

Four Topics to Discuss

Can you believe it's July!? 

My sincere apologies for the little hiatus I have gone on the past few weeks. Between work being busy and social life being full ( popular), my blog-writing time has had to be cut short.

But now I am home in Plymouth for a week and I am ready to type away!

Where to begin? I've decided my "official" Marathon training will begin next Monday after I return to New York from my mini-vacation at home. So, July 8th. Mark it in your calendars as the date It All Began. [Again.] 

But frankly it's not like much will change for me. 

     Three days a week running (Mon, Wed and Saturday long run)
     Two days a week strength training (Tues and Thur)
     One day a week yoga (Fri or Sun)
     And one day a week rest (Fri or Sun)

I should note that this "ideal" week happens about once every 5-6 months. But it's always the goal and it's what I have been striving for since Miami and will be what will I continue to do into November. The difference really becomes the long runs on the weekends as they slowly, but steadily, creepy into crazy town territory. So that's that.

So then what's new with MeriG? Well, I have a few topics to cover. In no particular order:

1) Exhale Core Fusion
I've started going to Core Fusion classes at Exhale Spa using a Rue La La groupon-type thing that I bought a while back. I had gone to a couple of classes in the past, but have now been about 5 times in 4 weeks. And I actually see results.

This is a ballet-barre type class (a la Bar Method or Figure 4) and Exhale has -- in my opinion -- a great class schedule at their locations. I go to the Upper East Side location, and they have a great locker room so it's not a problem to go right to work or out after the classes.

I've taken Core Fusion with multiple different teachers and have no complaints yet. While each teacher may have a slightly different style and do different exercises, the flow of the class remains the same as does their amazing positive and motivating attitude.

Let me preface by saying it's hard. And a little girly (not really recommending this for the dudes). But if you want to strengthen and tone your muscles as opposed to building them big and manly? This is the place for you.

Exercises focus on isolating movements. You'll do things such as many reps with light weights for arms, plank movements for abs, lots of squats and leg lifts at the barre for butt and thighs, and some excellent core work at the end that will have even the most in-shape person struggling. 

It's okay if you can't do every movement or if you have to stop. The teachers are great about that. I personally have an extreme lack of flexibility as well as core weakness as a whole, so I often and really really struggling. The teachers quite frequently have to come and re-position me because I'm a disaster. But they are respectful and encouraging and I do honestly find myself improving as I take more. So that's the idea I suppose, and it's why I will continue to go back.

Warning: it's pricey, so consider waiting for a GiltCity offer or Rue La La (they come up every few months or so).

2) Divergent!!!

I'm so pumped for this movie, currently slated March 2014. It's like the Hunger Games except so so so so so so much better. Divergent is part I in a trilogy of books. The first two (Divergent and Insurgent) are already out and the third is coming out in October.

I may or may not have already purchased the advanced order copy for my Kindle.

And by that I mean, of course I purchased. Because it's so dang awesome.

All you need to know:
1) Also Distopian future
2) Also female lead character, but she makes Katniss seem like a pansy
3) Have I ever steered you wrong???

3) Sleep No More
I went to see this experiential theater on Saturday night with some friends and all I have so say is.....Oh. My. God. It was crazy. I literally can not stop thinking about it, talking about it or reading about it.

I hadn't read too much before I went in and had heard minimal things from friends. And I think what I did know was the perfect amount. I really think my experience was so amazing because I was so in the dark and blissfully ignorant.

It's based off of Macbeth but also has Hitchcock stuff in there. You can't carry anything with you. You will interact with characters and you will wear a mask (think that episode of Gossip Girl)

There will be nudity. 

You should experience it alone and separate from your friends. And it's not as bad as that sounds. In fact, I think you will get more out of the show for sure. And this is coming from someone who refuses to watch scary movies.

And the braver you are and more open-minded, the better the experience. I had some....interesting and unusual and amazing interactions...that I would be happy to tell you about separately if you would like. And these happened because I was honestly just interested and -- absolutely -- was willing to take some risks. I just don't want to ruin things for any newbies.

Anyways, if you've already seen the show, please reach out so we can dissect every moment. If you haven't, definitely consider going. It's pricey, but truly worth every penny. One of the most unique and unreal and awe-inspiring and disturbing and amazing theater experiences I have ever had. Let me know when you want to go, because a second time going may not be such a bad idea....

And if you'll excuse me I'm going to go obsess over this show some more. Good day.

4) My cat is the greatest. 
Here is a series of photos of Archie helping me stretch after my 8-mile long run last weekend:
Sniffing and licking the sweat. Stop judging me, CAT!
And one...

And two...
And three...

And I'm spent!


  1. Yay! Let it begin. I also bought the ruelala to exhale! We should book a class together, I love the cardio version.

    Sleep no more was amazing. that's all there is to say.

    1. ooooh I really want to try the cardio one! let's do it when i get back from home!