Tuesday, February 26, 2013

This Could Never Be a True Healthy Living Blog.


Because I run, but that's often where my "healthy living" stops.

I try. Oooooh, do I try. I made a tofu stir-fry the other night and it probably was decent for me. And sometimes I bring my lunch to work. And I went to a NYSC Total Body Conditioning class this morning and it totally kicked my butt.

But I frankly am a sweaty mess while I do all of these things. And I have a drawer so full of snacks at work that I am infamous around the office. And I just ate a Hershey bar.

The point is, I am human. And I am not that healthy, I just like running so that I can eat a lot. It works for me, and I am at a healthy body weight. I just have zero self-control when it comes to eating. Run 13 miles? Sure, I'll do it. 26? Absolutely. Don't eat nachos? Are you out of your damn MIND!?

Healthy-living? Eh. Running to Eat? Definitely. Probably would be a better title for this blog, in fact.

I like healthy food, but I'm not overly excited by healthy food. Like, you tell me you substituted apple sauce for butter in your banana bread? OK. Great. You tell me you just went to TOWN on a piece of drunk pizza? Fan-TAS-tic. Where? What type? Tell me more.

Which brings me to wanting to blog to you about one of the most exciting meals I've had in a while. It's so NYC cool slash decadently calorie-filled I just can't STAND it, which is why I bring it to you. Without further delay I introduce you to: The Momofuku Fried Chicken Dinner.

I defaced this photo from http://newyork.seriouseats.com/2009/08/momofuku-fried-chicken-dinner.html
I was going to write a whole description and review, but then I realized I'm not a food critic. So I have copied the description from Momofuku Noodle Bar's website:
fried chicken is noodle bar’s large format meal. it feeds 4-8 people. the meal includes two whole fried chickens, one southern style and one korean style, and it comes with mu shu pancakes, long spicy peppers, baby carrots, red ball radishes, shiso leaves, bibb lettuce, four sauces and an herb basket. guests are encouraged to eat as they please, from making wraps with the pancakes to eating the chicken straight-up. the southern style chicken is fried with a buttermilk and old bay batter. the korean style chicken is triple fried and served with a light spicy glaze. 
$100 for your entire party, not including other food and drinks ordered, tax and tip. 

They only take limited reservations and these reservations are very difficult to procure. Luckily I have good friends. Good friends that invite me with 24 hours notice. And luckily I'm willing to DROP EVERYTHING when presented with fried chicken.

So, at 10pm on a Thursday, I sat down for an epic meal. I had done this once before a couple of years ago, and had oft' dreamed of experiencing it again.

Because I don't take pictures of my food as a general rule, I swiped this from Momofuku's website  (http://momofuku.com/new-york/noodle-bar/fried-chicken/) and used it here. Those hands are neither mine nor those of my friends.
So you get the chicken and all the yummy "go-withs" as labeled above. And then you and your friends LITERALLY DIVE IN to the chicken.

Not literally.

Well...yes, basically. Literally.

The Korean-style chicken is just fantastic. Sauciness and spiciness and it really goes with the condiments they give you and you put in a lettuce wrap and mmm mmm mmm. [This is why I don't write for the NY Times Food section.]

But the Southern-style. Oh, the Southern-style. Is it appropriate to use the word transcendent when describing fried chicken? I think yes, and I think I will say it again, but bigger and bolder: transcendent.

Just the right amount of crisp and spice and UMPH that you want from a fried chicken. The side-sauces also compliment well, but honestly I enjoy this chicken just on its own.

You seriously need to grab a group and try it sometime. Not only is it an absolutely phenomenal meal, but it's a really cool, unique experience that you can only get in a city like New York. And super cost-effective! We ordered a couple of [amazing] apps and some beers, and even with that I paid less than $40 including tax & tip. Can we beat that? No. No, we can not.

Before I had eaten this delectable meal, I already had had a huge dinner snack because I knew I wouldn't make it all the way until 10pm without dinner. I mean, let's face it. I can't make it from 9 am to noon without having something in between.

And despite that, I was ravenous when I arrived. So I ate a lot of chicken. And then, when I was so full that I literally thought I might pass out, I had another one of the mu shu pancakes.

At that point, I was so full I almost threw up. Because that's how I roll when I like my food.

The next day I had to take a rest day from exercise because I was so sick to my stomach from eating so much food. No part of me regretted it.

And this is why I don't write a true healthy living blog.


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