Sunday, June 10, 2012

Petition to Sell Out

This past Wednesday, June 6th, was National Running Day. To celebrate, Team for Kids had an extra special Wednesday evening practice with raffle giveaways [I didn't win...I never win. Sad face.], special running bibs to wear, and a happy hour afterwards.

They instructed us to fill out a bib inscribed with "I run because _______." So I did.

I find the use of underlining to be very effective.

Looking around, however, I noticed that others had taken the message a bit more -- shall we say -- seriously.

"I run because I feel amazing afterwards."
"I run in honor of my Mom."
"I run to reach my personal best."
"I run for the children."


So fine. Yes. I run for the food. You caught me. I ran 6 miles that night all for the love of fattiness. And I'm not going to apologize for it. Even to the children!

I do enjoy the eating. And I try to eat healthy, but at the same time...I run a lot and therefore I deserve treats. Today, for example. I enjoyed myself a nice pulled pork sandwich from the Big Apple Barbecue Festival (Big Bob Gibson pork shoulder out of Decataur, AL to be specific. Legit.)  But then I topped it off with a corn dog from Papaya. Amazing.
Yeah baby.

I'd like to say a day like that isn't normal. And it isn't. Just semi-regular. But whatever! I am running a freaking marathon! Chill out!

One of our coaches said that he is sponsored by Marathon Bars (it's like, a candy bar that they say has protein and stuff in it...pretty sure it's just a candy bar. But I'll allow it.). So, I have compiled a handy dandy list of foods I always have on hand so that these companies might consider sponsoring me. I will take payment in the form of money and/or food and/or someone cleaning my apartment.

  • Luna Bars: I am all about these bad boys. Always have a bajillion at home and in the office. I have a total of two filing cabinets at work. One is full of shoes and the other is full mostly of Luna Bars. They have a new flavor which is baller:

         Seriously, Luna Bar. Sponsor me. You can't go wrong.

  • Almond Butter: I'm not brand loyal, but I will sell out quicker than you can say "You ate a corndog and a pulled pork sandwich today????"
  • Morningstar Veggie Burgers: Fabulous post-run meal in a whole wheat wrap with a side of somethin' or other. I never thought I'd be a veggie burger person....but there it is.

I'm envisioning a Nascar situation where I am just plastered with brands. Other brands I would like to reach out to me are: Samuel Adams beer, World's Best cat litter, The Boston Red Sox,  Big Sexy Hair products, Panasonic,, Costco, Lean Cuisine, India tourism board, and Colgate Total. I might have an in for the last one.

If all else fails maybe Big Bob Gibson will want to sponsor me. Pulled Pork sandwiches and marathon running are one in the same. They both take dedication (Kelly and I waited in line for almost an hour for that bad boy). They both are rewarding. And they both require conviction of heart and soul. What d'ya say, Bob!?

Me drinking a Sam Summer with some team members after the run. Brand loyalty, Sam Adams! Check it out!!


  1. How about I create a cool 'thing', name it Ginsburg something-or-other. And sponsor you. Or Paone. Or 'marge'....


    Glad you got some BBQ. Love that Fest and we missed it this year. One hour waiTs and all..


  2. I totally run because I love to eat. Ice cream is the best thing in the world and I will run extra miles if it means having a sundae for lunch.