Monday, March 12, 2012

I'm Going to Be Realistic

As you know, I've been training for my first race since the Ankle Incident of 2011. I'll be running the NYC Half this coming Sunday, March 18th, and it's a really cool course!

It starts at 7:30 am (ugh, I know, we'll discuss that) near the SW corner of Central Park and goes counter-clockwise around the park road. You do a full loop, exit the park at 7th Avenue, run straight down 7th until 42nd street, bang a right and run across 42nd St -- through Times Square -- all the way to the West Side Highway. Then we'll go South on the West Side highway, around the tip of the island at Battery Park, and end 13.1 miles later at the South Street Seaport. Very cool (and relatively flat!) run.

If you want the visual, you can click this link to get there: Details about the Race

If you want to come out and cheer, that's lovely! Also there's a new tracking thing this year if you're interested in getting texts on my progress: TECHNOLOGY

That being will be 7:30 - 9:30 am the morning after a special Saturday edition of St. Patrick's Day. In 65 degree weather.

So...yeah. Now, I know my friends. I love my friends. And let me just be clear when I say, emphatically, that y'all ain't makin' it out of bed. And by god, I respect that, and I respect you (you drunken lush). But just know...when you wake up...whenever and wherever you wake up...that you will think about me.

You will struggle to procure a Gatorade...and you shall think of me running. Cheery. Smiley.

You will vow to never drink again...and you will ponder how in the hell I got up and ran 13.1 miles.

You will order in a greasy egg sandwich from a diner (because you are clearly not putting on clothes) and eat it in front of bad Sunday morning TV because you have nothing good on DVR...and you will think, "My God."

Me:                                                                            You:

I, meanwhile, am actually quite excited despite "missing out" on St. Patrick's Day (otherwise known as "Amateur Hour.") My Mom and Dad are coming in to see me run, and they are certain to be a lively little cheering squad. Myra and Ken are not scared of 7:30am, because they are champions and class-acts. I'm gonna have them running all over Manhattan like you wouldn't believe. I'm thinking they might as well just run with me, because I'm basically requiring them to be at every mile marker.

Also, I'm honestly just really excited to finally feel healthy again and have the ability to race. I've been working out hard -- but smart -- to ensure I can finish. The weather is also looking pretty glorious, so that's going to help things.

Ok, but before you think TOO highly of me, and before my ego explodes all over your computer screen, I want to bring forth a further point of comparison: My friend Jen -- the college roommate I have mentioned in posts of yore -- is running a full marathon this weekend. Oh? You think that's impressive? She is a Doctor and has a crazy, crazy schedule. Oh, not enough for you? She also has 12 month old TWINS. Baby humans. BOOM.

Jen, cheers to you and congratulations on your amazing accomplishment. You, my friend, are an inspiration.

The rest of you? Please enjoy a beverage on my behalf and enjoy the parties, you crazy kids!


  1. I love you Roomie! Thank you for the compliments! I am, likewise, so proud of you!

  2. Jen and Meri -
    You go girls! YOU BOTH ROCK!

    My girls and I will be at least at ONE site to cheer you on! We shall see where - but we will be SOMEWHERE! When a 1 and 6 year old are in tow - 7:30am is NOT a scary thought... that is a vacation morning! LOL!

    See y'all - and those who run the proverbial marathon on Saturday - you have fun too!

    -Marge (cousin of MG)

  3. I made the mistake of going out for Saint Patrick's Day and still running a full marathon the next morning.

    Lest you were thinking of trying it, I cannot recommend hungover marathons.